Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

This is the favorite contestant to win tonight 'GH Duo'

Este es el concursante favorito para ganar esta noche ‘GH Dúo’

Big Brother Duo
arrive at final. This Thursday the final gala will be held in which you will know who takes the briefcase and stands with the victory of an edition of the reality show that has been the most successful. María Jesús Ruiz and Kiko Rivera they are both contestants that will be fought in the final duel, but only one can win the prize: the Favourite.

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The most outstanding question of these days is to know the name of the winner of this new edition of GH Duo. Both Kiko Rivera and María Jesús Ruiz have made different merits to achieve it, but there is one that stands out from the other in a decisive way. Is about María Jesús Ruiz, the woman who dethroned Sofia Suescun as the Queen of the realities and who He has made the house of Guadalix his own show.

Star of the show in Guadalix

Nothing else start the program María Jesús Ruiz stood out above the rest. His improvised wedding and subsequent mess with Antonio Tejado made this the first couple of the reality. However, it lasted little and where there was passion it became a discussion -valga the couplet-. The accusations of the model for violence towards her partner triggered an avalanche of criticism from her colleagues, but by then it was too late. Ruiz had become the star of the show.

His constant mood swings, disconsolate cries and unbridled laughter made his show on the show. It did not take long-as in Survivors- in becoming the queen of the videos. Not only during the first stage with Julio Ruz, his ex-partner, inside the house, but also afterwards. María Jesús has made GH Duo his contest and viewers saw him soon.

An example of this statement was the great duel between Sofía Suescun and her in the expulsion room. The Navarra has always won all reality in which it has entered, from Big Brother 16 until Survivors, however, his throne would come to an end. The viewers decided that Suescun leave Guadalix and with it María Jesús Ruiz inherited the crown -Not Miss's, she already had it.

Since then, his time in the program has only grown. The audience has seen in it a victim of the constant contempt of his companions but also a contestant who has been able to give the show that is sought in a program of these characteristics. Tonight will return to submit to the trial of viewers in front of Kiko Rivera. Will she achieve, this time, officially crowned herself as the winner of GH Duo?

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