Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

This is the double Argentine Roberto Leal

Así es el doble argentino de Roberto Leal

"Well, it will turn out that we do give ourselves an air," he wrote. Roberto Leal in his Instagram account alluding to the great similar physical you have with a presenter of the argentine television. The one known as the Pollo Álvarez, not only is it similar to Spanish, but putting their photos together, it would not know who is who. Hence, the Andalusian publishes a collage with his new clone television.

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And it is that chance has led Leal and Alvarez to be the most popular presenters of the televisions of their countries, and to wear a semi-gray look, with a three-day beard and dark suit in all its programs.

Roberto Leal, presenter of 'Operación Triunfo'

Roberto Leal, presenter of 'Operación Triunfo'

Actor, presenter and broadcaster in Argentina. This is Joaquín Álvarez, better known as Pollo Álvarez, and who bears a strong physical resemblance to Roberto Leal. Thousands of kilometers away separated two physically nailed journalists that could happen for one another without problems. Except for the accent, of course.

Such is the good vibes between the 'twin television brothers' that when Leal mentioned Alvarez in his networks, the Argentine did not hesitate to answer the following: "They tell me often and it turns out to be a pleasure because I saw some of your programs in my visit to the beautiful SPAIN, greetings colleague and what you need from Argentina. Hug".

Both presenters also have a very similar professional career. Success has knocked on its doors in the last two years. Roberto Leal driving talents as Operación Triunfo and Dancing with the Stars
; while Joaquín Álvarez with his late night Call TV
and his foray into series like Rebel Way and Casi Angeles.

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