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Alexia writes us the following text in an email: "I am writing to you from Mozambique, where I have lived for fifteen years, when I founded Khanimambo. I am a member of and I am passionate about your consumer section. I believe that this campaign we just launched it may interest you ".

"I wanted to ask you for a favor because just yesterday we dropped the collaboration with a media agency that was going to help us spread this campaign in Spain and I'm crazy trying to get the broadcast to achieve the goal of the 117 children that we have yet to sponsor finally have your godparents and godparents ".

"If you like our campaign and you want to support us by spreading it to make sense, in addition, to this date [Black Friday] So empty of meaning at heart, we are going to thank you all very much from Mozambique, because it is important for all these children. This year we have been saturated before the same Black Friday as always. Therefore, we have decided to launch The Other Black Friday. Probably the only Black Friday that is worth spending money on. ".

We have contacted Alexia to explain her story in more detail and she has told us what it is from Lisbon and who arrived in Mozambique at the age of 23, fifteen ago, to see on the ground some cooperation projects in the area of ​​Praia de Xai-Xai, and decided to stay to help local children in matters of food, health, schooling and above all affection. This video explains his adventure well:

"In Mozambique, accompanies me as part of my daily routine; I read the advance for partners at five when the sun has risen and I connect with the present, but before seven my reality is already a very different one, where the boys and girls of Khanimambo catch all my senses and emotions ", He explains to us, and adds that thanks to the foundation that 367 street children have built in Xai-Xai today "they grow up with quality of life and an important emotional security that will bear fruit in a few years".

"Many people, hearing the story of my experience after founding this organization at the age of 23, ask me what is khanimambo really, and each time I tell a different detail, because there are many who make the foundation special; It is not just a shelter, or stable nutrition, education and health programs full of love and creativity; it is not only about guaranteeing the future of children who are burdened with terrible traumas and difficulties in life: Khanimambo is an enormous illusion to join forces, and from the positive side, to give the best of ourselves together ", he expresses with emotion.

"That is why we have not stopped looking for help in this difficult year, quite the opposite," he continues: " COVID-19 has affected us to all, and it is now, more than ever, when our solidarity commitments make more sense. "A few days ago, he points out, Alexia had the opportunity to speak with the children" from the calm of those who reflect upon achieving one more step in their life ", and he was moved by how much they appreciated that" even in confinement, Khanimambo's support was present in their needs. "

The founder of Khanimambo assures that it is being a challenge to maintain the activity in such difficult circumstances and especially depending on the solidarity investment from the first world, when lThe economic situation has become very difficultl for not a few people.

But thanks the godfathers and godmothers, these supportive people who have maintained their aid and "to whom Khanimambo brings this reality very directly in their social networks", have been able to continue helping the children that the foundation welcomes closely.

"Faced with the rise in prices, we looked for the formula so that the balanced menu was not lacking; in the face of the increase in domestic abuse, we reformed complaint and protection mechanisms; in the face of the nine-month stoppage in public schools, we pulled out all our strength to give personalized classes ", explains Vieira proudly.

"But even so," Alexia continues, "we have 117 children who are not yet sponsored and that is why we have launched the campaign The Other Black Friday, a unique sponsorship campaign in the por only 20 euros per month you can pay for an education, nutrition or health program; an opportunity for the 117 boys and girls. "The campaign was ready to be launched this week on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2020," the ideal time to give godparents to these 117 children. "

But the media agency that was going to help them launch and move the campaign has backed down at the last minute, leaving Khanimambo in a very difficult situation. That is why Alexia has requested the support of ConsumoClaro and, to try to ensure that the El Otro Black Friday campaign does not fall into a vacuum.

"To all the members, the readers of, I invite you to feel closely this cooperation that we carry out in Khanimambo, because it is real, full of uniqueness in the feeling that involves believing so firmly that we can all change the small, "he ends.

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