September 29, 2020

This is the anticovid protocol for going back to school, Back to school, La Provincia

The return to the most atypical classrooms has come accompanied by masks and social distancing


Has already started the back to school with a new school year in which the undisputed protagonists will be the masks and the safety distance. The schools have been preparing the I return to the classrooms of thousands of students due to the concern of parents and the absence of measures by the Central Administration.

That is why each community has launched write your own protocols anticovid based on between three and four epidemiological scenarios, with increasingly strict restrictions as the health situation worsens.

Common measures include the reinforcement of the teaching staff, as well as the cleaning staff; the mandatory use of masks from 6 years of age; and the implementation of “bubble groups” of up to 25 students for the youngest (Infant and Primary), although the number could vary depending on the center.

In this bubble model, the students will only interact with each other, not with the rest of the students, so it would not be mandatory to maintain a safety distance or wear a mask. In addition, they will attended by one or two teachers. In this way, if there is a positive, it would only be necessary to trace between the people in the group, instead of doing tests and quarantining the entire center.

Rigorous cleaning and personal school supplies

On the other hand, students will enter the center in a staggered manner according to the schedule assigned to them and, before entering class, they must wash their hands thoroughly with hydroalcoholic solutions. They will do this at least three times a day, whenever they enter and leave their class.

Once in the classroom, the distribution of the desks will maintain the safety distance recommended by the health authorities. The same goes for the bathroom, which it will be disinfected several times a day for prevention. Each classroom will have an assigned bathroom area and each student must use the designated toilet.

In addition, the school supplies of each student, from the traditional pencils and notebooksEven the most modern ones, such as tablets and computers, will be strictly for personal use. For this reason, nobody will be able to share anything, something that can also be applied at recess, both with lunch and with toys.

Regarding school transport services, each student will have a fixed seat and you must wear a mask. Although, in this case, the Government recommends going to school on foot or by bicycle to avoid sharing closed spaces.

Telematics teaching, an alternative

All the measures used are few to fulfill the desire of the educational community: a face-to-face school course. However, the shadow of telematics teaching is still present. And it is that the combination of online classes with face-to-face classes could occur in the case of a higher level of alert.

Meanwhile, each school strives to get a return to the classroom as safe as possible for everyone, both for students, teachers and parents.

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