This is the agreement signed by Correos that will generate 11,200 permanent jobs and salary improvements

This is the agreement signed by Correos that will generate 11,200 permanent jobs and salary improvements

Correos is committed to generate 11,200 permanent jobs until 2020 under an agreement reached with the unions with which, in addition, it has avoided the strikes summoned in the postal society for this Friday, December 21, and next Wednesday, the 26th, which coincided with the time of greatest number of shipments on Christmas.

It is assumed that, out of a total of 11,200 places, about 4,000 will be released in 2019, since it is necessary to call the pending places of 2017, 2018 and those of the year that starts.

This covenant, signed by the public operator and CC.OO., UGT, CSIF and Free Trade Union for 2018-2020 after eight months of negotiations and the mobilizations and 24-hour strike that took place in the company last November, it includes the following improvements:

► Salary increase of 9% overall for this entire period

► Extend to the members of its more than 50,000 workers a retroactive 1.75% increase for this 2018, 2.5% in 2019 and 3% in 2020.

► Commitment to reduce absenteeism

► Improve the quality of service provided to citizens

► Promote 4,574 places to consolidate temporary employment or incorporate workers that will be additional to those that have to generate annually

► Possibility of hiring a total of 3,145 workers in the two years, also by virtue of the corresponding replacement rates.

► Promote the career and professional development of workers, with the offer of places for internal promotion and other measures that will be implemented in 2019.

► Lower the current temporary rate of 35% to 8%.

► Adjust the day of Saturdays, which will become voluntary and an improvement of the bonus they receive.

Correos considers that the agreement constitutes a "milestone" in the improvement of the company's labor framework "as the best way to guarantee public service to citizens". On the other hand, the unions estimate that the pact "allows recovering the salary, employment and rights taken from Correos workers as a result of the crisis". In addition, they believe that it is also good for the company, "that breaks the line of precariousness in which it had been installed", and for citizens, "by improving the service".


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