This is Psicosoft, the company that uses virtual reality and video games to reorient your career



A company that combines virtual reality, video games and gamification to help companies select their employees and workers in an innovative way to find their strengths and weaknesses and thus be able to define, assess and consolidate their career paths. It is the cover letter of Psychosoft. «People who experiment and participate in any of our experiences obtain a rigorous and exclusive analysis of their professional profile, and from there very significant conclusions are drawn that allow participants to be aware of which tasks they perform best, which are their main virtues, and what is the path they should follow to achieve their future work goals “, they explain from the company.

«A large part of Spanish society has found itself in the need to reinvent itself in the workplace, although many people certainly do not know what are the qualities in which it stands out, nor what are its best aptitudes because, perhaps, they have spent many years doing work that has diminished them as people and as professionals ”, they abound.

And how do they do it? The company divides its system into three fields: The first through the technological experience with virtual reality, and even sessions of Voice Assessment with Speaker Alexa. “Through these experiences, professionals leave their work comfort zone and put their skills and abilities to the test in a fictitious digital environment,” explain sources from the entity.

Another of the great pillars is the experience with video games with which professionals test their strengths and weaknesses in the workplace; and in the same vein the academic programs of eSports. Video game courses aimed at young people who intend to develop their values ​​and behaviors demanded by the current job market, adjust to the work profile of the 21st century, as well as improve their employability in different positions, companies and roles.

«The most relevant thing is that you can learn about yourself and how you relate to others, and that you can do it by playing. When a professional experiments with a game, he leaves the current context and faces a challenge that activates the reward system and thanks to a neurotransmitter such as dopamine, the higher cortical system activates our thinking skills “, he explains Jordi Bastús, director of Psicosoft

The company has closed an alliance with Accelium, an Israeli company that is a worldwide pioneer in this field and since 1994, uses strategy games for companies and educators.

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