This is 'One more day with life' | Culture

This is 'One more day with life' | Culture

Sequence of 'One more day with life'.

The first book that the Polish journalist wrote Ryszard Kapuscinski, It was about the war in Angola, which was from September to November 1975. Kapuscinski (1932-2007) knew perfectly the continent since the beginning of the sixties began to travel as a correspondent of the Polish Press Agency. But what he saw and felt in those months in Angola marked him in such a way that his first book was about those events: One more day with life.

In the summer of 2008, the Navarrese Raúl de la Fuente read the book and felt that there was a movie there. He felt as moved as Kapuscinski. "I clearly saw the shape that I should have, the amalgam between animation sequences and documentary moments filmed in the same places that Kapuscinski had been", he recalled in Cannes, where the film co-directed by De la Fuente and the Polish Damian Nenow participated in the Official section out of competition of the French contest. In September, at the San Sebastian contest, One more day alive won the Audience Award. And now comes its premiere next Friday 26. To give you an idea, here we show you a sequence.


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