"This is not the time for revolutionary policies", says the president of Acerinox




Acerinox President Rafael Miranda has said that "it is time for the industry" and that "This is not the time for experiments or revolutionary policies". In a meeting on the recovery of the industry behind the Covid-19, organized by the APD (Association for the Progress of Management), Miranda has called for a great pact on the industry and states that "I am very concerned not to see in the commission Parliament for the Reconstruction of Fuentes Quintana or Abril Martorel ".

Emilio Titos, general manager of Mercedes Benz in Vitoria, and Fernando Gil, general manager of BSH Electrodomésticos España, have also participated in this meeting, in which more than a thousand people have registered.

Rafael Miranda, also Honorary President of the APD, recalled that the Government's decision to hibernate the economy was made in a "hasty way, with an improvised decree." "Better planning and dialogue with the sector would have been necessary. We are installed in uncertainty"

For the reactivation of the economy, it is considered essential in the short term "set the pace in the industry, stimulating demand with all the necessary aid and maintaining competitiveness. "For the medium and long term," an industrial policy in Spain is necessary, through a great agreement, and in the EU. "

Fernando Gil has highlighted that the search for lower industrial costs makes us more dependent on essential products. "Its manufacture has to return to Spain."

Emilio Titos has referred to the fact that "Europe has not done its homework in R & D + i" and he pointed out that "technological leadership is the blood that flows through the economy". He also said that it is time to "reset" in the automotive sector, although "we are not clear about what the regulator is asking us to do."

The CEO of Mercedes Benz in Vitoria added that "we produce on demand, so flexibility is the quintessential tool." Has asked a renewal plan with help for buyers, and a regulation that gives consumers confidence. And he has insisted that the combustion engine is not finished and that the most appropriate thing is to replace vehicles of more than 20 years old with more modern and less polluting ones.

Prices "will go down yes or yes"

For his part, the general director of BSH Appliances has stated that in this recovery from the crisis prices "will go down yes or yes." "The quality will be maintained, but what will be more decisive, even more than the prices, will be the services provided. "He stressed that companies now face the need to obtain" cash "and the fear of not selling.

Finally, the President of Acerinox has referred to the fact that energy costs for the Spanish industry are higher that, for example in France and Germany. "In the case of my company, they are 35% more expensive in Europe than in the US" For this reason, it calls for reducing or suspending the tax on electricity generation and deepening the statute for electrointensive. "In the medium and long term, the external costs of the electricity bill, which accounts for 50% of it, should be passed to the State Budgets. But there must be political will," he stressed.


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