March 3, 2021

“This is no time for equidistance”

Albert Rivera, former president and founder of Ciudadanos now converted into a company lawyer (and the PP to appeal the Catalan rental law) this morning sent a clear message to the current leader of the party, Inés Arrimadas: there is no intermediate position between Pedro Sánchez’s PSOE and Pablo Casado’s PP. “This is not the time for equidistance. It’s time to get wet and be brave “, has insisted half a dozen times. Rivera, who left active politics after the electoral failure of Ciudadanos a little more than a year ago, has stressed that he thinks from a purely personal perspective but has also highlighted, on several occasions, that he is the founder of the party that Arrimadas now leads, from which it has notably distanced itself in recent months, maneuvering against the strategic turn that it has undertaken.

Albert Rivera puts sticks in the wheels to the strategic turn undertaken by Arrimadas

Albert Rivera puts sticks in the wheels to the strategic turn undertaken by Arrimadas

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The Catalan politician made these statements at an informative breakfast organized by Europa Press in Malaga, in which he also spoke Juan Marin, party leader in Andalusia, and vice president of the Andalusian Government. It was about commemorating the second anniversary of the self-styled “Government of change in Andalusia”, formed by the PP and Citizens, with the necessary parliamentary support from Vox.

Marín has vindicated the strength of the coalition government, despite the fact that the polls show an imbalance in the good yield that the Andalusian PP would be obtaining and the electoral decline of Ciudadanos. There is no jealousy, Marín has come to say, and when the time comes for the ballots instead of the polls, it will be seen, to the point that he has left the electoral formula or the pacts in the air: “When the elections come We will be two political parties, we will each present ourselves as they consider and without ruling out any option ”.

“Today there is a single government that form two political forces permanently in dialogue ”, he added, leaving out of the equation the parliamentary support provided by those of Santiago Abascal in exchange for concessions such as the cut of 14 million euros to Canal Sur, the audit of gender impact reports or the promotion of bullfighting schools. Despite the fact that Vox has managed to introduce core issues of its discourse into the Budgets, such as “gender ideology”, the alleged insecurity generated by protected migrant children or the defense of hunting and bullfighting activities, Marín has denied that there have been ideological concessions: “We have never put ideological questions on the table. We have talked about amendments ”.

Marín has been careful to avoid extrapolating the Andalusian formula to the national situation, implying that organic loyalty prevented him from saying more. “As you understand, it is not easy to pronounce,” he replied to the question of whether a rapprochement between Casado and Arrimadas is possible, now that Ciudadanos has definitively discarded their support for the Budgets. In any case, he has made it clear that, for Citizens in Andalusia, Vox “was never an inconvenience; Unlike”.

Marín, expansive to value the action of his government, has left national messages for Rivera. And the lawyer has recalled up to four times that he founded Ciudadanos. It does not seem that Rivera is going to get out of the general trend of the old Spanish party leaders, who after their formal withdrawal continue to send messages to their substitutes. Today, Rivera has once again marked distances with Arrimadas, to which, without mentioning her, he has decided to definitively forget any approach to the PSOE.

Rivera: “You have to be prepared to always resign”

“I move by values ​​and not by acronyms, despite having been president and founder of a party. I cannot make equidistance between Sánchez and Casado. Sánchez is a man capable of everything. In history you have to be on the right side. I cannot make equidistance, because they represent two models of society: I am close to one, although I do not share everything, and with the other I do not share almost anything ”, he emphasized.

For Rivera, the Pedro Sánchez government model puts “democracy and the economy” at risk, as the “ministry of truth”, the new educational law or the alleged reforms of the mechanism for electing the members of the CGPJ or the crime of sedition. “That the guys who have just given a coup want to change a Penal Code is from the banana republic,” protested Rivera, who has also attacked the tax reforms: “Why are they going to pay double the dividends of a holding company? Have we assessed what it is to give an alert to the Socimis? Why do you have to destroy instruments that work? Raising personal income tax for who is doing very well for a year?

Rivera has accused civil society of conformism: “I would like these debates to generate concern and occupation in society. They are changing fundamental laws and we are dedicated to commenting on the tweets of I don’t know who ”, but the message, more than to the Government or the citizens, was for his successor.

Rivera has launched a depth charge, appealing to the same definition of who wants to be Citizens. The founder of Ciudadanos has called for an “exciting alternative beyond the electoral formula”, which has left the coalition open. “We cannot play within the framework of sanchismo, that those who do not support you are fascists. You have to ask yourself questions and define what your answers are, and based on that tell society. You have to be brave. You have to defend your ideas. Also, in politics you have to be prepared to always resign ”.


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