July 24, 2021

"This is known around the world"

"This is known around the world"

At a press conference on Tuesday after Quim Torra's speech at the General Policy Debate, Iceta challenged him to give his ultimatum "closed tomorrow, because he knows perfectly well that there will be no negotiation on a referendum of self-determination."

"I do not understand very well why he has to wait until November to know the answer", insisted the leader of the group PSC-Units, who believes that Torra loses an opportunity to reorient Catalan politics.

For him, the Government "seems not to accept the failure of the previous term and wants to continue on a path that leads nowhere," and has criticized that Torra has spoken of 1-O and the plenary on independence of 2017, which he considers unsuccessful.

It has also framed the warning to the central government on the need to generate headlines: "If it was not that, today's headline was what? I've heard something about a digital republic," he said ironically.


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