March 6, 2021

This is how you request and process the draft Income Statement 2018-2019

This is how you request and process the draft Income Statement 2018-2019


The Tax Agency expects to return 10,468 million euros in the 2018 Income campaign that starts on Tuesday, 4.5% more than last year, according to the data distributed on Tuesday during the presentation of the campaign. The Tax Agency expects to reach 20.35 million declarations, 1.8 more, of which 14.3 million will be returned, 2.4% more. Another 5.2 million declarations will result to enter – 1% less – by 10,160 million – 2.1% less -, while the rest will be negative and others.

To request the draft of the Declaration of Income 2018-2019, the taxpayer can be identified by reference on the web page. Thus, it can be done with a reference of the Income 2018 that was previously obtained ("I already have reference"), a reference of the previous year ("I already have reference of the previous exercise") or with a new reference that can be obtained with the box 475 of Renta 2017, the PIN code or by electronic certificate.

Once the draft has been accessed online, those taxpayers who are satisfied with the data available to the Tax Agency You can submit the statement with just one click. However, those who want to modify data or incorporate new tax information, deductions or transactions made during the past year will have to complete this declaration in the Renta Web program.

Renewal of the mobile app

One of the great novelties of this campaign isthe renewal of the mobile applicationl, which can now be identified with reference from the previous year and modify the bank account and the tax assignment – Last year you could only submit the declaration with the application if no changes were made.

The telephone assistance plan "We call you" is also reinforced whereby taxpayers who fulfill a certain profile – both those who have received letters of invitation and those who request a way – can receive a call and present their declaration in this way without need to move to offices.

Another novelty is the new "portfolio of securities", a tool to facilitate the reflection of transactions of sale of listed shares. This tool automatically incorporates the balances, which the taxpayer can manually modify, and then moves directly to the Renta Web program. In addition, the data is retained for later statements.

To this are added Notices to certain taxpayers that, according to the information handled by the Administration, they may have to declare certain rents and to which they are reminded to incorporate them.

42% more than last year

Until 10.00 this morning, almost 248,000 taxpayers had submitted their statement, 42% more than last year at this time, of which 41,000 had been submitted through the mobile application, 56% more.

In the 2017 campaign, 19.99 million returns were filed, up 1.32%, of which 70% were returned. Of the total of declarations, 17.75 million were made online; 2.17 million, in person at offices. Likewise, 4.25 million telephone consultations were received.


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