This is how the pension reform proposal will affect early retirement



«The reform proposed by the Government with the support of CC.OO. and UGT, first of all, toughens the retirement penalty voluntarily increasing the reduction coefficients based on the years of contributions ”, the CSIF union stated this Monday. For this reason, CSIF expresses its rejection of this part of the reform of the pension system because it “represents a new cut” for those who
retire early
voluntarily with 35 years of contributions and for which the union estimates a loss of “up to 8,000 euros per year.”

Based on Escrivá’s proposal and as already published by ABC, with a contribution of less than 38 years and six months and up to 35 years, the pension will be reduced by 21% for deciding to retire two years earlier compared to the current 16%. For their part, those who have contributed between 38 years and six months and 41 years and six months will be introduced a reduction coefficient of 19% compared to the 15% set today in case of opting for early retirement.

On the other hand, workers with contributions between 41 and a half and less than 44 and a half years will receive a pension reduction of 17% compared to the current 14% if they retire two years earlier. Finally, when you have 44 and a half years or more in contributions, the reduction will amount to 13%, the same percentage as the current one.

The union also advises that if once the pension reduction coefficient has been applied se obtains an amount higher than the maximum that can be received, the same reduction coefficients prior to the reform are applied – between 13% and 21% – on said amount of the pension. Thus, the amount that the worker would receive would amount to 2,138.91 in the case of having a contribution of less than 38 and a half years and up to 35 years. This figure will mean up to
7,959.28 euros per year of cut
with respect to the previous scenario. The same scheme is repeated progressively: with a working life of between 38 years and six months and 41.6 years, the amount of the pension would reach 2,193.06 euros per month with an annual loss of 7,202.02 euros per year, according to CSIF calculations.

For workers with between 41 and a half and less than 44 and a half years of contributions and a pension of 2,247.21 euros, the reduction will reach 6,443.92 euros per year. In the case of people who have working lives of 44 and a half years or more and have a pension of 2,355.51 euros, the cut will be 5,207.72 per year, according to CSIF estimates.

2011 reform

In this context, CSIF highlights that these cuts are in addition to those made in 2011 by the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who raised the age for accessing retirement and raised the number of months for calculating the regulatory base from 180 to 300.

The effects of bliss
, which come into force progressively, establish that to retire in 2021 you must be 66 years old as long as you have less than 37 years and 3 months of contributions. In 2027 the ordinary retirement age will be 67 years if you are less than 38 years old and have 6 months of contributions. In those cases in which they have contributed 38 years and six months or more, they will be able to retire at 65 without cuts.

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