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The merger that took place between Bankia and CaixaBank will be completed on November 12, at which time all customers will have the conditions in force of the second bank. The first thing to keep in mind is that, at that point, users from the entity that José Ignacio Goirigolzarri presided over before the merger must have replaced the old Bankia ‘app’ by the new CaixaBankNow, necessary to carry out operations electronically. Here it should be noted that the Bizum payment service provider will be operational with the confirmation of the established telephone number.

But what will be the new conditions that affect Bankia’s current customers? The main novelty that this merger brings is the change of the ‘Por Ser Tú’ program, whose clients will become part of the ‘Day to Day’. The tool on which this change is focused is the Debit, since Bankia customers could have it for free, while if they want to keep it in the CaixaBank program must pay a commission of 36 euros.

The truth is that there is an exception, at least temporarily. If during this month of October the interested party meets the current requirements of the ‘Por Ser Tú’ program, the payment of the debit card will be forgiven, being rewarded until June 2022, a date on which the maintenance of said plastic will already be of the 36 euros mentioned. However, “in the event of not complying, in October 2021, with the requirements for linking the program, the maintenance price will be charged as of January 1, 2022». However, the entity offers the possibility of obtaining the MyCard card for free, a hybrid between the debit and credit card since it allows you to pay in 48 hours in addition to a payment deferral, which will involve an interest rate. Of course, customers must meet the conditions of connection with this plan or, otherwise, it will have a quarterly cost of 15 euros.

In addition, to access the ‘Day by Day’ program, the customer must have at least three direct debit receipts or have made at least three card purchases each quarter, meeting one of these requirements: Directly direct a payroll or enter more than 600 euros per month or 6,000 per year; have a pension of more than 300 euros per month or maintain a balance in investment funds, portfolios, savings insurance or pension plan.

Another point to take into account is that the branch network will be unified, with more than 13,000 ATMs distributed throughout the national territory available. In this way, even if they come from Bankia, they will be able to go to all the branches without distinction, something that does not happen at the moment. In addition, it should be noted that a change in IBAN, but the client will not have to manage anything as their operations will be redirected, being able to check the new number both through the electronic device and in any of the available offices.

On the other hand, with regard to the operation of the new card, CaixaBank informs that, after technological integration, the operational and security limits applicable to the card, «will be dynamic and, for security reasons, will be adjusted to operational profile of each client ». In addition, the settlement period and charge date are also modified. While at Bankia, operations were settled from the 26th to the 25th of the following month, charged on the 1st of each month, at CaixaBank the new monthly settlement period will be from 22 to 21, charged on the 1st of each month as well. Of course, if the client has another charge date, it will be kept, they specify in an internal statement.

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