August 12, 2020

This is how the mayor of Manacor responds to Rafa Nadal's letter

"There has been an urban planning a la carte that no other mortal would have been allowed," says Miquel Oliver

The conflict between the mayor of Manacor, Miquel Oliver, from Mès-Esquerra, and Rafa Nadal lived a new chapter with the interview with the councilman in “El Partidazo” of the Cope. After the world number one expressed his feeling of "pain and disappointment" due to the criticism received by the launch of his Academy and the educational center that bear his name in the municipality of Manacor, Oliver said: "I feel admiration by Rafa as a person and as an athlete. I have never said anything against him. I have criticized the center for the way it was done in Manacor. A custom law was made to accommodate this sports facility. The Academy is there and we are not going to change it, but it was denounced at the time how it was done and the reasons why the Academy was expanded by doing urban planning on demand ”.

Oliver stated that the Academy did not make the IBI payments when they corresponded and that "at the time it was claimed, he paid it, but it was true that at the time he was claimed he had not paid the IBI." Rafa was also accused by Oliver of "living outside the municipality" and said that "manacorinity only verbalizes it, does not practice it." In the night program it was explained: “The Academy is a tourist attraction that has to fulfill its legal obligations like everyone else. You don't have to have privileges that others don't have. The administration must denounce and ensure that everything is done according to reality. A la carte urbanism was made that any mortal could not have been allowed. It is the politicians' responsibility to denounce the injustices and that is what I did or is it enough to generate wealth so that urban planning can be carried out? ".


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