This is how the markets react to the electoral advance of Sánchez

This is how the markets react to the electoral advance of Sánchez


The announcement of early elections on April 28, made by the President of the Government Pedro Sánchez, has had a discreet reception in the parquet. Specifically, the Ibex 35 has awakened after a discreet performance at first hour and has already recovered the level of 9,000 points. Around noon, the selective one rose 0.68% to 9,014 points.

The weights of the index, banking, registered increases: BBVA revalued 1.19% by 0.69% of Bankia, 0.68% by Santander, 0.92% by Caixabank, 0.99% by Bankinter and 0.77% by Bank Sabadell. Important values ​​were also dyed of green like Telefónica (1.13%), Repsol (+ 0.45%) or ACS (+ 0.33%). On the downside, securities such as Enagás (-1.08%), Endesa (-0.62%), REd Eléctrica (-0.73%) and Indra (-0.53%).

For Nuria Álvarez, analyst of Renta 4, the electoral advance «The market was already waiting for it» after the growing realization that the Budgets were not going to be approved. "Without public accounts there was not much alternative, more than early elections", pointed out this analyst who believes that we will have to wait for the result.

Álvarez has pointed out that the market will collect well any result «Give rise to a government that is not so fragmented, to carry out budgets and reforms ». In his opinion, the key will be that after 28A "we are not in the same situation of stagnation" regardless of whether this feeling of stability is provided by a PP / Citizens Executive or any other combination. In this regard, he noted "the need for budgets that give stability."

On the sidelines, according to Nuria Álvarez, there are other factors such as Brexit- "An endless history" - on which he senses that the United Kingdom will request an extension so as not to leave the EU abruptly on March 29. In addition to the commercial tensions between China and the United States, where in his opinion there have been enough advances to "prolong another 60 days more the truce between both countries" and take time to reach an agreement.


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