This is how the first underwater images of the lava of the La Palma volcano are

ANDl QUIMA group (IOCAG-ULPGC), thanks to technical collaboration “gratuitous and disinterested “, from the Canary Islands company ECHO (Environmental Studies and Oceanography), has recorded the first images of the lava delta on the island of La Palma. These images have been made available to PEVOLCA so that geology and volcanology experts can get the most out of it in terms of managing the volcanic crisis. The representative of the ULPGC in this scientific committee is the professor Francisco José Pérez Torrado.

They are very useful images to understand the impact and evolution of the laundry when it reaches the sea, which are complementary to the measures that the QUIMA group has been carrying out in the area since the beginning of the Eurptive process. This group continues to monitor the parameters of carbon dioxide (pH, alkalinity, inorganic carbon), other chemical-physical parameters, in addition to taking samples for the biogeochemistry of Fe (essential trace metal).

The images They have been recorded using an ROV and a 360º camera. These images correspond to the south, west (front) and north flanks of the lava delta.

The institution appreciates “the invaluable help of the Civil Guard patrol boat”

All images can be viewed in the following link.


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