June 13, 2021

This is how the exonerations remain after the agreement for the extension of the ERTE



The Government put on the table yesterday a new proposal in which it improved the exemptions offered for workers suspended from activity –The main stumbling block of the negotiation and claim of the social agents–, although
also maintained the incentives for the reactivation of workers
, the main objective of the Ministry of Social Security.

The scheme that comes out of the agreement maintains high exemptions for all workers, although they will be greater for those who return to their employment. This is how the new aid would look:

Force majeure due to impediment

The exemption continues to be 100% in companies with fewer than 50 workers and 90% in those with 50 or more employees.

Force majeure by limitation extended and new

Companies less than 50 workers: exemption of 85% in June and July, and 75% in August and September. For those who have 50 workers or more, it will be 75% in June and July and 65% in August and September.

ERTE that transition to ETOP (objective causes) of protected sectors

For companies with less than 50 workers that are in ERTE, the exemption will be 85% in June, July and August and in September it will drop to 70%. For those with 50 or more workers, the exemption will be 75% in June, July and August and 60% in September.

Active workers

For companies with less than 50 workers that incorporate employees the exoneration will be 95% in the four months of validity of the agreement and 85% for those with 50 or more workers.

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