Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

This is how the children of the BBC’s viral father have grown

His name is Robert Kelly but maybe you know him for being that father who during an interview in the BBC he was surprised by his sons, entering the room, while he was live. This fact made him go viral on a global scale, and who better than him – this time with children– to reappear in full confinement by the coronavirus.

This has happened, in the same room and with the whole family: his three children and his wife Kim Jung-A. And he has done it on the British public channel to talk about the coronavirus in South Korea. What’s more, even one of the little ones has tried to mess up his father. Another, for his part, has chosen to leave the place, doing his thing again. Kelly has had to apologize for the interruptions, as you can see in this video.

Tell how it is possible to reconcile via Twitter

Not only that. This political scientist has taken advantage of the fame that his viral video gave him to exploit it also through social networks. So and as we advance in The vanguard
Kelly has been February 25th posting various tweets where it teaches microblogging users how it is possible to reconcile family life with work during a quarantine.

“People keep asking me what it’s like to live in South Korea during the coronavirus. It’s not World War Z, it’s this. I can’t go to work and my kids can’t go to school, so we’re playing tic tac toe at home. ”, this one pointed out in the first of the different images that he has been showing to followers who continue to remember him for his famous appearance on the BBC.


It happened in 2017. The political scientist was making a direct connection to the network when, suddenly, his children began to appear on the screen. One after another. His wife reacted soon and she launched herself into a plank – rather she skidded– to leave her husband to finish his speech in the strictest solitude. What they never imagined is that this scene would become a symbol to date.

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