This is how the canary Pablo Díaz lives the day he will win the Pasapalabra boat

D-Day arrived. Although it is not officially confirmed, it seems an open secret that this Thursday, July 1, 2021, the Canary Pablo Diaz will take the ‘Pasapalabra’ boat of more than 1,828,000 million euros.

On the broadcast day of a program that has been recorded for at least two weeks, the protagonist, 24 years old, has shared his feelings on his social networks, where he is very active. “Good morning guys. Today I got up and all my social networks are like this. Can someone tell me what happens please?”, published in his Twitter with a video from an excerpt from the Stuart Little movie.

More than 250 programs later, Pablo Díaz, the young musician from Tenerife, will finally be able to take the boat from Pasapalabra, the contest presented by Roberto Leal on Antena 3. He will do so after completing the 25 definitions The final Rosco and taking the third highest jackpot in the show’s history.

Antena 3 is going to overturn with this fact and today there will be a whole marathon that the faithful to the contest will not be able to miss. First there will be a broadcast of Pasapalabra at its usual time, 7:00 p.m. In this installment, Pablo Díaz will continue with his usual participation since the most anticipated moment will arrive an hour later: at 9:00 p.m. the moment in which the jackpot will be taken will be broadcast.

Pablo Díaz, starting tonight, will enter the Pasapalabra winners podium in third position. The highest prize in the history of the contest was obtained in 2007, when the program was also broadcast on Antena 3, and on its first day as a contestant it won 2,190,000 euros.

He has been the contestant who has participated in the most donuts after exceeding 241 for Jero Hernández. In total, he has participated 260 times in the final test.

Also holds the title as the oldest Pasapalabra contestant worldwide. Of course, the one with the most blue chairs in the history of the program as well as the youngest contestant and the one who has managed to participate in El Rosco with the highest number of seconds accumulated.


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