Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

This is how Santi Millán ('Got Talent') changed in 30 years

Así era Santi Millán (‘Got Talent’) hace 30 años

Santi Millán It is a very familiar face of the small screen. Your figure is easily associated with Got Talent, Chiringuito de Pepe or 7 Lives. And it is that his trajectory is so extensive that it would surprise to see him 30 years ago. However, it has happened. He himself has published in his profile Instagram a Photography yours where it is totally unrecognizable.

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"1989-2019", titled the presenter in his social network. 30 years of difference where you can see without a beard, the hair slicked back, with more marked eyebrows and lipstick. It was the 80's. The actor was 20 years old.


Specifically said snapshot belongs to a representation with La Cubana, the theater company that left just before entering the late night of Andreu Buenafuente entitled One thing broadcast on TV3. Since then his professional career has not stopped ascending.

Regarding photography, it is necessary to point out the number of comments that allude to the indiscriminate nature of the physical change produced. Famous faces such as Dafne Fernández, Paz Vega or Kira Miró have left patent with the following notes: "OMG "," Really? "And" You're a big deal ".

Comments in spades

On the other hand the presenter of Four a day, Carme Chaparro, has alluded in a message published in the instantaneous of Instagram that remembers him at that time, while Jordi Sánchez (La que se avecina) has bequeathed that he believes that "By that time we had already met".

No doubt many reactions to a publication that already accumulates more than 13,000 likes and that does not leave anyone indifferent. The # 30yearschallenge is the culprit that the presenter of Got Talent Spain has revealed its most hidden side. How will it be in another 30 years?

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