This is how prefabricated houses are for the victims of La Palma

The houses are made of Nordic fir wood, with an area of ​​74 square meters built and have three bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Inside, all are finished with thermal insulation and plasterboard and a laminated parquet, has informed the Ministry of Public Works.

The Executive has already acquired the first 30 wooden modular homes to face the housing emergency on La Palma. This first lot, since the Ministry plans to acquire at least 200 houses of this type, is already available for installation on a plot proposed by the El Paso City Hall in the event that this land meets the necessary conditions for this type of construction.

In addition, the municipality must proceed to the cession of the land to the Ministry after the formalization of the corresponding plenary agreements of the council, said the Minister of Public Works, Sebastián Franquis, in a parliamentary committee yesterday.

The installation will begin in a week or 10 days, since the works are pending to flatten the land where they will be located.

The boxes with the 30 modular homes still dismantled, they are already in a warehouse that the supplying company has in the municipality of El Paso itself.

“As the municipalities give us land, we will install the houses, but we need land to be able to install them and that does not depend only on the will of the Government, it depends on whether this floor is optimal to be able to immediately install those prefabricated houses that we have already started to buy, ”Franquis reported, who insisted in his speech in which “a transition phase” that will last three or four months starts on La Palma these days. In fact, it is already projected a whole urbanization of 543 prefabricated houses.

Brick houses

For this transition phase, the Ministry has already acquired a first batch of 18 homes already built in flats whose purchase before a notary has been formalized this week, as announced by the counselor this Thursday in the Parliament of the Canary Islands. This lot of 18 brick homes is located in the municipalities of Tazacorte and Fuencaliente and a 1.1 million euro item has been earmarked. “Today, in addition, we will be able to count on the social assessment of the technical committee set up in La Palma to designate the first families that will be able to stay in these homes, I hope, in the coming days.”

The counselor recalled that there is an action plan to deal with the housing emergency suffered by dozens of families on La Palma, divided into three phases. The first of these phases, that of attending to the initial emergency, has already been underway for more than a month with the accommodation of the evicted in hotels and family homes. “As I announced last week in Parliament, we will begin between this week and the next to launch the transition phase of these families who are currently staying in hotels or who are living with relatives so that little by little they go to those manufactured homes or purchased homes, a process that will not be completed overnight. As I explained then, it is a phase that will last from three to four months because the houses have to be found, acquired, equipped and then assessed for the most needy families ”.


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