This is how Nadal explains his defeat against Thiem in Australia

The Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal has been "satisfied" with himself despite the defeat at the Australian Open because he has "made the physical, mental and tennis effort" to try to beat Dominic Thiem, adding that "the only thing" he can do Following this elimination is "is to keep working and look for that maximum level" that you need to "opt to win tournaments".

"I guess he will have done something better than me tonight. Although the difference has been minimal, he has been on his side. I am satisfied with my attitude and what I have put there. In the end, when you do what you can you are not forced to do more. In sports, what counts are the victories, but inwardly you leave with the satisfaction of doing what you have been able to do. It has not been enough and all I can do is keep working and look for that maximum level that I need to opt for to win tournaments, "Nadal valued before the press.

"During the tournament I went to more, my feeling is much better than at the beginning and that is always positive, but in the end you go with a defeat," summed up the Balearic, who praised Thiem because "he played very well and with determination" to get the pass to the semifinals after four sets.

"I think that too, but at some point I have missed some winning blow. The ball was a bit heavy, with new balls yes I felt more comfortable and could get more position. He has been very fast and very fine I came in complicated positions and hit the ball very hard. I lacked a bit of finesse and determination at some point, especially at the end of the first set. In these games, where the differences are so small, those moments change the evolution of the whole game, "he analyzed.

Asked about Thiem's ​​best weapon, his reverse, he said it does not "complicate him more than that of other players who do it with two hands." "It complicates me that Thiem is one of the best players in the world and apart he is playing at a great level. Against him I have won many games and I have lost some, today he has been one of them. He bothers me more his right than his reverse, being sincere, "he revealed.

Nadal stressed that he tried "until the end" to achieve the comeback. "I have made the physical, mental and tennis effort. I have been very close, two points away from going to the fifth set after how hard the first two had been. Mentally it is difficult to accept two blows like that against a Thiem level player." , lament.

Finally, the Manacori said he is not "a great follower of talking about luck." “When luck is on your side it is because you are looking for it. The match does not deserve to be analyzed by that side. It has lasted more than four hours, we cannot reduce it to luck. In the end, you make with the hand that the ball goes that millimeter in or out, ”he concluded


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