This is how Nadal can win Djokovic

This is how Nadal can win Djokovic

Nadal and Djokovic are going to offer us an explosive final and a maximum intensity. It is going to be a brutally intense match because neither is tired and both are capable of performing to the maximum in a match that can easily go on for more than four hours. There will be options for both and who goes below will be forced to have alternatives. There will not be a single party plan. In each box there will be a plan B, a plan C and a plan D.

The last precedent between both, the semifinal of the past Wimbledon, can not serve as a reference. Djokovic is better than then and Nadal has also changed. Rafa's second serve is no longer as attacking as it was before. The Serbian will not be able to put as much pressure on him as he did in previous years. This generated an unbearable anxiety in Rafa that led him to lose many points and I'm sure that will not happen

The evolution of Nadal's serve will allow him win more quiet games. He is not going to need to suffer as much as he did in previous matches with the number one in the world. Rafa is now braver, more aggressive, more direct and his tennis allows him to be prepared to take more risks.

It is true that Djokovic is much more specialist in fast track than the Spanish (9/3 in finals in this type of surface), but Rafa has improved a lot. His first service has reached an excellent percentage (more than 80 percent of points won during the tournament) and the second is not so fragile. Djokovic has to forget to stick the remains in and do as much damage as he did before in this section. Serbian serve is also a very important weapon. Does not need the power of others, has such control of the ball and such ability to adjust to the lines that does not require speeds above 200 kilometers per hour to be decisive. The uploads to the network will remain as reliable as they are for both during the tournament. No one goes crazy, none does it because they do. When they approach the network they do it with hard-working points and it is rare that they waste them.

The only thing that worries me about Rafa's tournament is that he has not had real suffering on the track, although Djokovic has not gone through this situation either. Not that Nadal did not need to defeat any "top 10", is that none of his rivals has been able even to bring him close to his limit. Nobody has pressed him. In fact, the same thing happened to the Serbian. It is true that he has lost two sets, but in both cases it was because he let himself go. He unplugged himself for a while with Shapovalov and Medvedev, but he had no trouble. Both would not have been bad to cross with a Raonic or a Federer to know how they were going to respond to real complicated situations. And of those in the final there will be a few.


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