June 18, 2021

This is how Mirandés arrives at the Copa semifinal against Real: From «match to match» to «point to point»

During the three weeks that have separated the two semifinal matches of the Copa del Rey, between Mirandés and Real Sociedad, the Burgos have not been able to score the three points in any of their LaLiga Smartbank commitments. Anduva’s accumulate since then three draws at home and a loss as a visitor. But in addition they already aculaban two other consecutive appointments without winning.

But in reality, only the Cup stops these statistics, and that is in Second Division the Mirandés takes nine days without winning, of which they have achieved eight draws and one defeat. Thus, their tendency is summarized in the point to point, which at the same time allows them to survive in the position 11, still far from the descent but in an extremely tight classification in the middle of the table.

However, it is in the Cup, before the First Division clubs where Iraola they experience their best sensations, being able to eliminate teams the size of Celta, Sevilla and Villarreal, although a single match. To the Burgos it would be worth them, this Wednesday, 1-0 in Anduva to seal a historic pass to the final, as they fell in San Sebastian by a tight 2-1.


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