This is how Madrid has turned against hate in the LGTBI Pride march

Thousands of people - more than a million, according to the organizers - have warned that they will not allow hate crimes to target the LGTBIQ+ collective and the vulnerable in the Pride 2022 demonstration, which has once again dyed the streets of the capital, after two years of pandemic, to also demand the approval of the trans law.

"In the face of hate: visibility, pride and resilience" has been the motto chosen by the organizers -the State Federation FELGTB and the Madrid association COGAM-, to insist that no one is going to take away their acquired rights.

The organizers of Pride 2022 have criticized the attitude of the Madrid City Council, which they have accused of wanting to erase it, by not expanding the noise regulation to be able to carry out the celebrations and for refusing to hang the rainbow flag on the consistory building.

For this reason, the head of the march thanked the Post Office -which has some offices on the side of the City Hall- "for hanging the flag on the building that the mayor, José Luis Martínez Almeida, has refused to put up". They have also chanted slogans such as "we are not afraid" or "Almeida you will leave and Pride will remain".

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