October 23, 2020

This is how Leganés plays with the “Island of temptations” to present his match against Betis

Joaquín, the captain of Betis, has been a great commentator of the program on the networks

The Leganés has taken advantage of the visit of Betis and his captain Joaquin to joke on the promotional poster of the party with the program “The island of temptations.” Joaquín has become a loud commentator of the program on social networks.

The poster is an image of an apple split in two, within which you can see the Butarque stadium. In addition, the shields of both sets are crossed by an arrow in reference to “love.”

“The stadium of temptations,” reads below. And the Leganés accompanies the images on the networks with a text that says: “Friends of Real Betis, stop thinking about putting it in. We are looking for stability.


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