September 20, 2020

This is how Kipchoge got off the two hours in the marathon

Eliud Kipchoge has had all the possible help to get off the two hours in the marathon. A car marked the way and the rhythm for the group of hares that accompanied him. They took advantage of the rebuild of the vehicle to meet the pace demanded by the challenge. Two minutes and fifty seconds the kilometer. The hares, formed in teams of seven were distributed as an inverted arrowhead, five in front and behind the Kenyan to encapsulate it in a bubble and nothing will affect it.

It was a perfectly uniformed army, all dressed in black with the clothes of the same sports sponsor of Kipchoge and the publicity of Ineos, the chemical company that has supported the challenge of the marathon world record holder. Only a white T-shirt stood out in the uniformed darkness, that of Kipchoge.

Hare teams were relieved. Seven new ones appeared and the seven already "worn out" disappeared, all of them among the best midfielders in the world, specialists in 1,500 and 5,000, able to make a sprint to guide Kipchoge below two hours. There were five teams of seven and six reserves for possible incidents until completing the 41 squires of the "record".

The car had a stopwatch on the back in which the projection of time they had been seen. The runners knew at all times that they marked a rhythm below the psychological barrier of two hours.

Kipchoge has had all possible technical aids. In addition to the car and the hares, he wore sneakers with a carbon plate on the sole, which causes a spring effect that drove him and made him wear less in contact with the asphalt.

It was worth everything to get out of two hours and not even a doping control was planned. Thus he managed to leave the mark at 1:59:40. It does not matter, it is an advertising maneuver worthless in the athletic record books.

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