October 30, 2020

This is how Javier Aguirre congratulated Óscar Rodríguez’s goal in Leganés-Real Sociedad (not suitable for minors)

Javier Aguirre, coach of the Leganés, considered that the fair thing would have been a draw in the match that measured his team against Real Sociedad in Butarque and that ended with a 2-1 victory with an Oscar Rodriguez goal in the discount.

“For me it was just the tie seen what was seen. There was the game there, as nothing happened in the areas. We squeezed a little at the end, refreshed the attack, and left. It was a match for a draw and that’s it,” commented to the media at the subsequent press conference.

“I know Oscar has an extraordinary punch and I knew he was going to kick, danger was going to be safe. Everything went round, it was a happy ending. But this continues. Today we have to have fun and tomorrow we have to give it because we go to the Levante field, ”he explained in relation to the goal.

About what he said to the player after his important target, he said: “I hugged him, I said something. Surely I said ‘very good son of your fucking mother, well Oscarito bastard what a throw’. Surely I said that (laughs).”

Aguirre believes they had a debt with the fans: “People deserved something like that after Getafe. We went very badly home because of the result and the people. They didn’t deserve to go with a 0-3 and the rival par excellence. It was a stick so strong that with this we are barely remaining at hand. But this continues. Neither in that one we went to Second or today we are saved.

Nevertheless, he believes that they should not be trusted: “This is constancy and never let our guard down. We have to understand that we play the descent in each game, in every minute. I think we have achieved that dynamic.”

“The players understand where they are. Sometimes the game will fall face and sometimes cross but you have to get up, it is forbidden to lament. The only way is to be positive constantly,” he said.

Asked about how the goalkeeper Juan Soriano was after the ruling that triggered the goal of the opponent, he said: “He is a great goalkeeper, a charming boy. He played a very serious and very good game. He does not need any extra psychological work because he is a Very confident boy, with a very good character. Are you wrong? We are all wrong. “

He also did not want to pronounce on a possible penalty committed by his player Jonathan Silva and that was not stated: “The penalty … what can I say. I am judge and party. I will never talk about the referees either for or against. If they see it they call it and if they don’t see it, they don’t call it. ” EFE



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