July 10, 2020

This is how Guardiola has gone crazy after not beating a penalty in Liverpool-City

Pep Guardiola, coach of Manchester City, refused to talk about the referees and the VAR, after the controversial move that did not grant penalty to the City in the first minutes, and was referred to ask the members.

"Ask the referees, not me," Guardiola replied in the Sky Sports chain microphones. “Ask Mike Riley and the boys of the VAR. I would like to talk about our performance, it was very good. One of the best games we have played, ”he explained.

He said that in the press room, but in the field it was much more expressive. First he lost his nerve and then he was sarcastic with the referees thanking them

The play in question was the one that preceded Liverpool's first goal, the one scored by Fabinho. In the previous action, the ball touched Trent Alexander-Arnold's hand inside the area. Neither the referee nor the VAR, after the review, considered a penalty, to the disbelief of Guardiola.

The Spanish coach did talk about the game and stressed how good Liverpool is and that they showed a lot of personality.

"We always try, we never give up, that's why we won two Premier in a row, because we always fight until the end."

“It is important to grow as a club and as a team. It has been an honor for both teams to show the Premier League and the spectators this kind of match ”,

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