Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

This is how Google wants to enter the videogame market

Así quiere entrar Google en el mercado de los videojuegos

Google is about to take the final step to enter the videogame market. The company has just announced the Projecte Stream, the first technical test of a new service that will allow streaming AAA video games.

Project Stream, which will be the first Google Gaming product, is presented as a way to play with video games without having to download them, in the style of what Playstation Now and GeForce Now already offer.

In this way, Google joins the so-called Cloud Gaming, a technology based on the cloud in which the processing of the game occurs on external servers and the player only receives on his console or computer the video signal.

How Project Stream will work

The Project Stream test will include the transmission of the game Assassin's Creed Odyssey by Ubisoft on desktop Chrome browsers. So, it will work with Windows, MacOS, Linux and ChromeOS.

In his blog, Google explains that they will be able to try the free game "limited number of participants" starting on October 5th. At the moment they can only be residents of the United States and be over 17 years old.

To test the service they will have to have "an Internet connection of 25 Mbps" for the service, as well as having accounts with Google and Ubisoft. The controls will work through keyboard and mouse or with a current Xbox or Playstation driver.

Streaming streaming services are still very new. They are based on the operation of "cloud computing" and are applied to video games. So, instead of having players buy and maintain their own gaming hardware, they only have to download their streaming, while the game works in the cloud.

When the system works correctly. the services allow high fidelity games with minimal hardware. However, this system has to overcome the so-called "latency", that is, the ability of the system to react quickly to the actions the player sends.

For example if we are playing with a video game at 60 fps, these services only have 16 milliseconds to detect a command, render a new live video frame and send it back. All this has to happen with around zero lag or buffering so that the game is not frustrating.

Google enters with the Project Stream in the so-called Cloud Gaming

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