January 17, 2021

This is how Christian Bale plays Vice President Dick Cheney | Culture

This is how Christian Bale plays Vice President Dick Cheney | Culture

Christian Bale, in the trailer for 'The vice of power'.

Christian Bale has played with the physicist again. This time the Welshman has put on weight to give life in The vice of power to one of the politicians who has managed more power in the last half century in the United States and, therefore, in the world: Dick Cheney. Cheney, after having been chief of staff and secretary of defense, decided to accompany George W. Bush as vice president on one condition: not to be an almost honorary position, as is usual in the US, but to reserve plots of government to keep them under its strict control. And so it was: during his eight years in office, he highlighted his anti-terrorism initiatives, including the use of new espionage tactics, the first invasion of Afghanistan and after Iraq, and the incorporation of the "enhanced interrogation program". , which was based on the use of submarine: put the head of the tortured in buckets or tanks of salt water or any other fluid.

Bale has been directed by Adam McKay, with whom he has already shot The big bet, and next to him in the cast of The vice of power there are Sam Rockwell, like George W. Bush; Steve Carell, as Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld; Bill Pullman, like Nelson Rockefeller; Amy Adams, who will play Cheney's wife, Lynne, and Tyler Perry, as Colin Powell. The film opens on January 11, 2019 and here we have exclusive trailer.


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