This is how Carlos Sainz and Norris avoid greeting each other

They are preparing for the Australian Grand Prix

Lando Norris laughs when asked if he will avoid handshaking with McLaren teammate Carlos Sainz as part of the precautions against the coronavirus. "I think I never shake hands with Carlos anyway," the 20-year-old Briton told Reuters. “Normally I hit him or he hits me" McLaren informed Norris about what to do while heading to Australia for the first Formula One Grand Prix on March 15 in Melbourne.

Notices include not clinging to the handrails on the escalators of the airport and on buses that take passengers to airplanes, and also avoid shaking hands with the people you meet on your trips. “Do not touch things that everyone else does. Only normal things. No handshakes, bumping an elbow or in the air, ”said Norris. "It would be nice if everyone knew because many people simply make assumptions about what they see and really have no idea what is happening."

Norris said that returning to Australia was a very different feeling from last year. “I feel much better, I feel much more relaxed and more confident. My head is in a much better place, ”said the pilot, who has attracted many fans on the track and on social media. “Last year there was so much anxiety, so many nerves. I just couldn't enjoy it. Now I feel so much better, so I hope to run much more, ”he said.

Norris said McLaren was "looking reasonably good" in the tests and was optimistic that they could do a good job. "I think we should work hard and keep our heads down and try to improve."


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