This is how Andrea Iannone feels waiting for the doping penalty that can leave you out of MotoGP

The Italian has performed with the Aprilia team in Qatar

Andrea Iannone has participated in the presentation of the Aprilia MotoGP team despite the temporary doping suspension imposed by the International Motorcycle Federation for test positive on November 3 in Malaysia. The pilot acknowledges that he feels bad about this situation, waiting for a final punishment to be imposed or not. “It’s not my habitat, it’s hard to explain this to me. I want to talk about the motorcycle and the circuits. All this is bad for me, I hope I can come back stronger and soon. ”

While he knows if he can start the World Cup this season on March 8, the Italian is still part of the official Aprilia team, to which he has thanked the confidence even in these circumstances. The Italian has not had good results the last two courses and it was rumored that his place in the queen category was in danger. Now he can stay out, but not for a technical decision and yes for a penalty after his positive for doping, which was further corroborated in the counter-analysis.


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