August 6, 2020

This is how an airplane lands with one less wheel and a damaged engine

To land without one of its wheels and with a broken engine. That is the challenge facing the commander of the Air Canada Boeing 767-300 which is currently flying over the sky of Madrid to burn fuel before taking land in Barajas, which has already prepared the entire device to accommodate the emergency landing of the device. Although it is not the best circumstances to land, Francisco Cruz, technical spokesman for the Spanish Pilots Union (Sepla), believes that the plane can land “In safety conditions, although following a protocol”. Cruz explains that the device, which fits eight wheels on its rear landing gear, one of which has lost one, is prepared to undertake the maneuver at the Madrid Barajas airport. “It is not the first to be done in these conditions,” he says. Before doing so, the crew “upon detecting that the landing gear did not climb, will have released it and will have gone to a safe meeting point that they will have indicated. There, he will have assessed the damages with the help of the company, which also receives information from the device. ”

Once the situation is evaluated, the pilots proceed, as they are doing, to get rid of the fuel to “minimize the risks” when it comes to land. Although the fact of having one less wheel and a damaged engine means that the plane is in a “critical” situation, the landing is possible in safety conditions because the device “is ready” to do it with the remaining ones. In the case of the propeller, the problem is that it affects the altitude of the plane, but does not prevent maneuvering, Cruz explains. The pilots are also because they have trained these situations in the simulators, they add other sources in the sector.

When it is time to land, the commander of Air Canada will reduce the maximum speed of the apparatus so that the impact on the ground is as low as possible and thus reduce the risks.


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