December 5, 2020

This is how Adrià Arnaus sees Tiger Woods and Jon Rahm

In the 18th hole of the Turkish Airlines Open, Adrià Arnaus (25 years, Barcelona and 107 of the world) smiles. The Catalan golfer disputes from today the Turkish tournament and reviews how his second season has been as a professional before going in search of a hairdresser.

–Turkey, South Africa and Abu Dhabi to end the year …

– Yes, almost around the world. There are going to be intense weeks in seemingly demanding fields. I am looking forward to this challenge to try to do my best, give me options up there and get great things. I arrive with great enthusiasm, with great desire and trying to be as fresh as possible within what fits. They are still the last tournaments. You already have the whole season behind your back.

– For many you must be the dominator of golf in Spain the next few years …

-Yes Yes. Hopefully not only golf in Spain. Let it also be the world goal. Day by day I try to be better, give my best version to try, little by little, to make a place among the best. This has just begun and I still have enough to be able to play better and more consistently. Jon's case is to admire. Getting a hole in the world top ten for quite some time is not easy. It's a pass and I'm glad for him. Every time we are together I try to learn from him. Let's see if we can accompany you soon.

– How is Rahm out of the holes?

– He is very close and friend of his friends. He was born a month after me, so we grew up together. We have shared national teams, travel in Europe and have won tournaments in Spain together. We are joined by many things.

– What is it like to compete with a legend like Tiger Woods?

–It gets a little weird because you are used to watching it on TV and when you have it there next to it you say: «Oysters, what a luxury to have you around». But when you realize that you follow your roll because in the end he is one more player.

– Have you sacrificed many things to reach the elite?

-It depends on how you look. I think if you do it all enjoying there is no sacrifice. I enjoy going to the gym, training and playing. I don't care how many hours I am on the golf course.

– What role does the mind play?

– The mental issue is what gives you a plus. Many times you think you're doing everything right, but things don't just come out. If you improve your state in the field a little mentally, it will improve.

– In his bag of sticks he carries a stuffed animal of Barça, is it very amulets?

– (laughs). Not especially. My girlfriend gave it to me. She is very Barça and thanks to her I am very fond of football. I also take it to remember that he is there giving me his support.

– They assure that it is very methodical …

-Yes, definitely. I like numbers. I am quite a bit of statistics, of doing exercises based on my performance in the field. In the end everything is statistical. Every hit that I hit there are my two or three parameters that I analyze and in the end I write it down. Then I forget, but I have my Excel table that tells me where I can be better compared to other people and then I work it.

– What plans do you have for next season?

– I will have six weeks of relaxation to prepare for the premiere in Abu Dhabi in the second week of January. This year I learned many things and now it's about going to more.

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