This is ‘Hidden Life’, the new Terrence Malick movie | Culture

August Diehl, in ‘Hidden Life’. In the video, movie sequence.

Franz Jägerstätter lived quite calmly and happily with his wife and three daughters on their farm in Sankt Radegund, in the Austrian Alps. When World War II began, most of its neighbors joined without much regard to Nazism, but Jägerstätter decided, supported by his wife and his Catholic faith, to refuse to take an oath of support for Hitler. He also refused to go to the first line of fire, asking to be a paramedic, a fact that the Nazi regime did not tolerate and that is why he was tried in Berlin. Jägerstätter was the only conscientious objector on the Nazi side, and was declared blessed in 2007. Terrence Malick He decided that this was a story according to his cinema, and that’s how he shot Hidden life, a movie that has been riding for three years until its premiere at the last Cannes edition (He devoted so much time to the edition that at that time two of his actors, Michael Nyqvist and Bruno Ganz). This coming Friday opens Hidden life, and here we offer you an advance.


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