January 27, 2021

This is going to influence you the new law of rent that has come into force today and four other economic news

This is going to influence you the new law of rent that has come into force today and four other economic news


1. This is how landlords and tenants are affected by the rent law that goes into effect today. The rental sector is subject to new legislation as of today. The third in three months. The Council of Ministers approved last Friday an express reform of the Urban Leasing Law It offers more protection to the tenant in front of the owners.

2. Cabify returns to Barcelona tomorrow after "adapting its business model" to the demands of the Generalitat. After just over a month outside of Barcelona, ​​Cabify will return tomorrow to Barcelona. The mobility company says it has modified your business model to adapt to the restrictions imposed by the Generalitat. In this way, the nearly 300 vehicles that will rejoin this Thursday to passenger traffic will have to work with a minimum of 15 minutes in advance.

3. The Government delays again the entry into force of the extension of paternity leave. The Royal Decree-Law on urgent measures to guarantee equality between women and men in employment, which includes the extension of paternity leave until it is equated with that of maternity in 2021, it will not enter into force until at least Friday due to a new delay in its publication in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

4. Iberdrola cedes to Lynthia Networks the use of the surplus of its fiber optic network for 260 million. Iberdrola will cede to the telecom operator Lyntia Networks, exclusively and in the long term, the right of use over excess capacity of its fiber optic network in Spain worth 260 million euros, the Spanish company said in a statement.

5. Former President of Nissan Carlos Ghosn is on probation. The ex-president of Nissan Motor Carlos Ghosn has been released on bail this Wednesday, pending the trial that is followed in Japan for alleged financial irregularities. Ghosn, who had been arrested in Tokyo on November 19, left a detention center in the Tokyo neighborhood of Kozuge at 16.32 local time (7.32 GMT), according to images broadcast on Japanese television.


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