July 26, 2021

This is Fran González, the current star of 'Pasapalabra' | TV

This is Fran González, the current star of 'Pasapalabra' | TV

Fran González has more than 120 donuts on her back Pass word (This Wednesday he reaches his program number 123). The final test of the popular program of Telecinco resists him, but his knowledge of the vocabulary makes almost every day is about to take a boat that already reaches 1,278,000 euros. But who is Fran?

Neighbor for 17 years of the Asturian municipality of Colloto, Fran, 28, is a biologist by profession and works as a researcher at the University of Oviedo. Came to Pass word for the first time in May of 2017, but in its first participation it only endured three programs, since it was eliminated by another one of the great participants of the contest, Antonio Ruiz, winner of the boat in December 2017.

In summer of last year, Pass word It issued a series of specials, the Supercopa, for which representatives of each Spanish community passed. Fran went to Asturias but stayed out of the final. In April 2018 he returned to the contest, where he remained for 48 consecutive programs. But the streak was interrupted voluntarily for personal reasons begining of June. Later, the contestant explained that the reason for his temporary absence was a lung disease of his father, from which he eventually recovered.

The program allowed him to return, yes, going through the test of the blue chair. On August 2 he returned to space and since then he has been in competition uninterruptedly.

In his absence, Boom!, with Los Lobos and his Guiness record of permanence, took away the leadership Pass word as the most viewed space in its broadcasting strip. However, in recent weeks the program presented by Christian Gálvez is close to the data that Juanra Bonet leads. Much of the responsibility for this escalation in the audience data is found in the charisma and the way of being of Fran and his connection with some spectators who remain attentive his passage through the contest waiting for him to complete the rosco that both it is resisting him.


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