This is "El Nene", the champion of Muay Thai who killed his cellmate with blows

This is "El Nene", the champion of Muay Thai who killed his cellmate with blows

Jesús María Romero Hernández "El Nene", who he killed his cellmate in a discussion for a litter in Soto del Real, He is a champion of Muay Thai. The 28-year-old bragged in a video of "treating badly" who hindered him.

The incident occurred a few hours after the aforementioned entered prison being arrested for attempting to steal a mobile phone at the Plaza Elíptica subway station last Wednesday. The owner noticed and confronted him, and Romero He took out a knife, stabbed him and left the car with the gun in his hand, threatening pedestrians, security guards and even the National Police agents who came to arrest him and managed to reduce him with many problems.

The judge sent him to provisional detention accused of injuries, threats, attempted murder and robbery with violence. A background unknown to the officials of Penitentiary Institutions, who after a brief interview decided to enter him in module 1 with a company prisoner, a 55-year-old man with several records of drug trafficking, and who had spent several years behind bars. The discussion began in the hall. According to the interim, there were only two officials watching. They heard the screams and gave the warning, but they could not do anything. The health services of the SUMMA that went to the prison proved that the victim had a traumatic brain injury and facial blows. Although they tried to revive him, the prisoner died before arriving at the hospital.

A situation that could have been avoided if there were more staff. The officials of the Penitentiary Institutions have been mobilizing for more than a year to denounce their situation: fhigh staff and aging staff, poor preparation for the work they perform (especially in situations of extreme violence like this, as they have not received training to defend themselves or reduce conflicting inmates) and are victims of aggression day by day.


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