May 16, 2021

This is Dribo, the application that promises to turn your mobile into a pocket driving school | Economy

This is Dribo, the application that promises to turn your mobile into a pocket driving school | Economy

If all the mobility has advanced towards the digital, why get the driver's license remains the same as 40 years ago? "From this question, Enric Romero and his partners began to devise a way to get permission to be agile and centralized The result was Dribo, a start-up founded in 2017, which started operating last January and has raised more than 500,000 euros of capital in two rounds of financing, after obtaining 22,000 registered users in Barcelona , Dribo begins its expansion stage, with the opening of its application in Madrid (where it already has 2,000 users), and with an eye on cities such as Seville, Alicante, Valencia, Bilbao or Malaga.

Until now, explain the people responsible for the application, to get the driving license there were two options: go to the driving school, attend classes at the scheduled times and perform all procedures through this company, or take the theoretical free and go to the driving school only to do the practices. "Our option is a digitized driving school: we are much more efficient in costs and offer total flexibility for the student", explains Enric Romero, CEO of Dribo. Everything began, he explains, at the driving school of Òscar Gallo, one of the partners. "We started working to digitize your company and we saw that we could do something bigger and create a 100% digital driving school," he recalls. "What we do is adapt the driving school to the user, things are much simplified for the client and with that we want to end many bad practices in a sector that has not evolved," says Romero.

The first phase of the application, which prepares the student for the theoretical exam, is the most advanced. Dribo has 50,000 users in Spain who, although they do not have the operative application in their city, can enter and prepare in the theoretical phase. With a training process that resorts to the game, it presumes that 90% of the users get to pass the theoretical exam to the first and 99% to the second, so that almost none pays for the renewal of procedures in the General Directorate Traffic (DGT). Something that the application allows to do online.

The practical part is completed by an agreement with autonomous professors and driving schools, although, for now, the start-up has closed few. Aware that the working model of Dribo can remember those of Deliveroo or Glovo, today under the magnifying glass of the Labor Inspection for the doubt about whether the relationship that workers maintain with the company responds to the figure of the false self, Romero points out that "the professors are a kind of franchisees". The firm argues that they can manage their schedule flexibly and that Dribo is committed to filling the occupation of the vehicle to guarantee revenues. It has 14 workers and a small group of independent professors. "We have a lot of demand from users and driving schools that want to work with us," explains Romero, who expects to reach benefits starting in 2019.


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