January 19, 2021

This is Crocket, the young and Spanish bathroom brand that wants to conquer the sector




In 2018, the Amazon Home market began to grow exponentially in Spain. At those moments, Victor de Hita, CEO and co-founder of Crocket, worked in the offices of the electronic giant in Madrid. Thanks to a market study, he discovered several niches to be exploited, including the market niche of the resin shower tray, and decided to go after him. After convincing his brother Xavi, the two began Crocket’s adventure.

The results soon arrived. In just one year, the Crocket shower tray was already the best seller on Amazon across Europe. Your secret? A product of quality and design, with a new customer experience for the sector.

After becoming the best-selling shower tray on Amazon, it was time to conquer new spaces. As a result of that objective, and after intense months of work in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, crocketbath.com it is already a reality. Intense work by Víctor, Xavi and a team that does not stop growing: there are already 11 people who work for Crocket.

The boom in the reform sector due to Covid-19

Crocket began its process of expansion and growth at a very delicate moment, in the middle of the pandemic of the COVID-19. However, the virus that has hit other sectors harshly has not been as severe with the reforms. In fact, a report by Andimac, the sector’s employers’ association, reveals a 61% increase in demand of home renovations.

Two factors explain this boom in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. First of all, the severe confinement last spring, which revealed to many people the discomforts of their homes. The prospects of a long coexistence with a virus that pushed us to spend more hours at home, with the possibility of a new confinement, triggered requests for home improvements.

Second, the exponential growth of telework also as a result of the pandemic. Since March, many are the companies with their employees working from home, with no date of return to the office. Teleworking has allowed be able to manage home renovations during working hoursBeing able to be at home to receive online purchases of renovation products or to supervise works are two examples that until now were impossible to carry out working from the office.

This is confirmed by Victor, CEO and co-founder of Crocket: «In May we had a 30% increase in sales compared to the first months of 2020. And from then until the end of the year we have grown at a constant rate of 10% per month ».

The boom of the resin shower tray

One of the main reasons for Crocket’s success lies in the enormous quality of your star product, the resin shower tray, which has revolutionized the bathroom sector in our country.

Its advantages over traditional bathroom options are so obvious that it quickly began to prevail. They can be summarized in three. The first advantage of the resin plate is the design possibilities it offers. It is made of a material that is easily adaptable to any shape, size, and color, so its design possibilities are almost limitless. The second is your increased durability and shock resistance, due to the hardness of the resin material, and its resistance to wear, thanks to a layer of sanitary Gel Coat that protects the surface from wear by water and bacterial agents. The third great advantage is its greater security thanks to the extra-flat design (it measures only 3 cm high) and its anti-slip index.

Spain is country pioneer in the manufacture of this type of shower tray, which not only has a consolidated market in our country but is experiencing strong growth in demand in almost all of our European neighbors.

To conquer the European market

After consolidating its business in Spain and in the main European countries, Crocket’s next steps are to launch of the website in new languages and the expansion of its catalog, with the aim of conquering the bathroom space throughout the old continent.

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