September 25, 2020

This is ‘CatchUp’, the Facebook app for voice calls – La Provincia

TheFacebook’s new social forayintends for people to catch up more easily through theirnew app, with which they canknow who is availableformake voice calls.

CatchUp‘is the new application developed by the team of New Product Experimentation (NPE), linked to Facebook, designed for users to see who is available and effortlessly joinindividual and group calls, as reported on its App Store page.

Through state information, usersthey can define if they are available to talk and see if their contacts are too. This avoids calls that nobody picks up or that end quickly due to other commitments that reduce the time to talk.

With the ‘app’ you can establish voice calls with a contact, or createa group in which up to eight people can participate. It uses the contact list of the phone, so it is not necessary to be a Facebook user to use this service.

In early April, the NPE team launched ‘Tuned‘, another’ app ‘to maintain contact and continue sharing moments, in this case, between couples who, due to the pandemic or any other situation, are separated and cannot meet in person.

Before, in February, they launched ‘Hobbi‘, similar to Pinterest, in which users can save images related to their interests and hobbies, as well as organize them according to the theme, such as cooking, decoration or crafts, among others.


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