This is Bale at Real Madrid, according to his agent

Jonathan Barnett granted an interview to the BBC

Bale's agent, Jonathan Barnett, is not characterized by being discreet in his statements. The Welshman, although he has now been injured, is trying to recover his place in the team, with kind words and approach after the controversy of the flag “Wales, golf, Real Madrid, in that order” or, even, going to Christmas dinner for the second time since he is at the Bernabéu. Barnett was asked on the BBC if Bale was happy, and he replied: "He is not elated. He has a contract and as long as he is a Real Madrid player he will play 100%, and he will do very well. He has never doubted his commitment. He wants to win the League, the Champions League And everything else. It will not affect your performance. ”

The attacker's agent also said that Gareth has never lost leaving Real Madrid, and spoke of his future: “There is no guarantee that he will leave. If the right opportunity presents itself for him and it is something he wants to do, we have to talk to the president of Real Madrid and see where we are. ” Barnett also chewed on his soccer player's numbers: "Experience shows that when he is on the field, Madrid has a better chance of winning."


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