January 26, 2021

This is 24 hours a day for the digital consumer


One in four Spanish buy online between six in the evening and ten at night, but instead, only 16% do so in the morning. This time slot would be the new "prime time" of consumption, according to the Nielsen Digital Consumer report. However, users spend connected to the web 44% of the time (74 of 168 hours per week) with the common denominator that nine out of ten connect daily with the mobile and 74% with the laptop.

If we analyze where they connect, we find that the essential space is the home, especially during the week, as nine out of ten Spaniards do from Monday to Friday. On weekends, when increasing leisure time and spending less time at home, there are fewer that match the domestic space with the virtual one, 74% in total.

Beyond the home, there are three great moments in our day to day life, transport, work and leisure. On the one hand, three out of every ten Spaniards get into the network on the way to their place of work or to the study center, taking advantage in many cases of the use of public transport.

Once they sign up in the company and until the end of the workday, almost half of the Spaniards connect at some point in the work. Specific, 46% open a window of more in the computer or can not resist to take for a moment the mobile. The moments of leisure instead are less related to the internet and that's when we disconnect more. In spite of this, more than 30% of Spaniards can not live without being connected in public places like the park or the beach or when they go out to have something to eat or drink. And 25%, also when you go shopping.

The first thing the Spaniards do as soon as we wake up is to pick up the phone, even if only to turn off the alarm clock. Half of the Spaniards are already "on" with the first lights of the morning. Just over 30% consult their profiles on social networks and almost 22% read the online press, compared to only 7.9% that the printed press reads. Of course, the start of the day also has its analog point, because 41% listen to the radio.

Starting at nine in the morning, the connection is massive, since 80% is "on" at this time. But almost half take advantage of moments or find moments to take a look at their social profiles, while 35% read the online press.

As the clock progresses, the virtual stores are filling up. Between three and six in the afternoon, 19.4% use the Internet as a purchase channel, but between six and ten the percentage increases to 25.8%. With the night closed, "barely" 13% is in stores.

«If the brands do not understand the digital consumer, they are losing 74 hours a week of their lives, 10 hours of their day. A lot of exposure time that you have to know and understand to reach and make efficient your advertising campaigns. Not understanding your digital life is not understanding your life. There are many euros that are lost and the risk is incremental as the devices and channels increase. Hence the importance of this photography of the digital consumer, of knowing how, when, where and for what it is connected ", says the head of Online Measurement of Nielsen Spain, Maira Barcellos,


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