April 11, 2021

This has been the red carpet of the Goya

This has been the red carpet of the Goya

The red carpet of the Goya has been inaugurated by the actress Susi Sánchez, who has followed both the nominees and the guests at the gala, which is held for the first time in the city of Seville.

Susi Sánchez, nominated for the Goya star actress for "The Sickness of Sunday", passed very early in the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Seville because while the gala is being held she will be representing a play at the other end of the city, "Spy on a woman who is killed", a version of Tío Vania de Chejov, in which he is accompanied by the actor Ginés García Millán. "I will miss half of the gala, but I hope I have time to get to the prize. They have to give it to me", He confessed to journalists. On the nomination, she says she feels "impressed" by the trajectory of the cast of nominees who choose with her. With a Lex Deus tunic dress – "a kind of habit", according to her own definition -, the actress has also pronounced on this year's vindication in the gala of the 33 Goya Awards against gender violence: "It's a disaster what is happening. There has to be a solution because it is a horror. " The Goya candidate left very quickly to prepare for the show at the Central Theater in Seville, where she already performed on Friday. "So I'm less nervous," he joked.

In turn, the director of "Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom" and "A monster comes to see me", Juan Antonio Bayona, wanted to claim that Spanish cinema I was not as subsidized as many think. "Going back to the myth of subsidized cinema is something that you yourselves should be responsible for repeating over and over again so that these false news do not reach people," said the author. A kind of stick to the last tweet of Vox, who claimed (after not being invited to the Gala) that "making films about the glorious history of Spain […] they would stop asking for subsidies. "

On the other hand, Dulceida, asked for the movie "Carmen y Lola", which has 8 nominations, has explained that he saw her yesterday and "enchanted" him. The film, which deals with a couple of gypsy teenagers who fall in love, is the favorite for the blogger because "she treats the subject in a very real way, almost as much as it looks like a documentary".

The actress Miriam Díaz-Aroca has wanted to highlight the deserved tribute that this year the Academy has done to the great Chicho Ibáñez Serrador. Both shared a long stage of the "Un, dos, tres" contest, which she presented with Jordi Estadella. "I've always thought that tributes have to be made in life and that's why I'm glad that someone like Chicho has received the Goya of honor." About her experience in the successful TVE contest, she said that "for me it was a paradise because I liked it better: singing, dancing and playing, I will always be grateful".

The host couple, Silvia Abril and Andreu Buenafuente, has left on his way through the red carpet the desire that the gala is a celebration. "I remember when the Goya were cool," Buenafuente said when asked if he expects the criticisms are not as harsh as other years, which usually prey on the presenters. It happened to Dani Rovira and also last year to Ernesto Sevilla and Joaquín Reyes, causing the gala to be a "risk sport". "We have invented it among all," assured Abril, assuring that "we want to fight against that. We are salmon against the current. We want to change that idea. Let's see if we can get it and next year the presenter's position will not be empty again. "

On the subject and if they will be very belligerent, he assured that "we are not here so that the Spanish cinema" can not open the halls tomorrow. Yes to laugh a little with us and us. " Regarding his choice, Buenafuente has acknowledged that it caused him a lot of emotion when he was notified. In the gala there will be an exceptional guest, the daughter of both, who will be as a guest "until she endures".

Joaquín Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla come as "alternate presenters"

The presenters of the gala last year, Joaquin Reyes and Ernesto Sevilla, have also gone through the red carpet. Reyes has defended his role saying that "we did the best we could and then it turned out that many people did not like it, but we did the best we could," he insisted. Both have joked that they come to the gala as "alternate presenters in case something happens to Buenafuente and Silvia Abril." "What will happen to them?", Laughs Seville. The two comedians have been convinced that they will finish the ceremony today.

The singer Rosalía has announced on the red carpet that tonight will premiere a version of a classic, unpublished for her.

Maxim Huerta, a former minister very cinephile

The short-lived Minister of Culture Maxim Huerta, who has confessed to being a great movie buff, has also passed through the red carpet. To the question of if it is strange to him not to go tonight like minister, has been blunt: "Always one is minister", it has assured with a smile to leave the predicament.

As for the nominees, he has expressed his desire that the actor Antonio de la Torre achieve his second Goya, after gaining the recognition of being the most nominated of Spanish cinema. Today he could get his second "big head" for El reino, one of the best positioned

Isabel Coixet, one of the most reputable directors of Spanish cinema, also made her particular quiniela with the winners: "I liked it a lot" Trip to a mother's room "and the film by Isaki Lacuesta: it seems like a great movie and it gives me tremendous envy (it talks about" Entre dos aguas ", the last film of the Girona language)" , affirmed the filmmaker.

Pedro Almodóvar has also given his opinion on the transfer of the Goya gala from Madrid to Seville and on the red carpet has criticized some of the editions held in the capital.

The director of cinema Alex de la Iglesia has had words of praise for Chicho Ibáñez Serrado, awarded with the Goya de Honor.

The Minister of Culture, José Guirao, attended the gala along with the spokesperson and Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, as well as the Director of the ICAA, Beatriz Navas. Likewise, the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, and the opposition leader Susana Díaz, as well as the mayor of Seville, the socialist Juan Espadas, also attend.

On the part of the PP, also comes the president, Pablo Casado, the general secretary of the party, Teodoro García Egea, and the deputy secretary of Studies and Programs, Andrea Levy. On behalf of Podemos, the Secretary of Organization, Pablo Echenique, comes to the meeting, and from the Citizens the spokesperson for Culture of the Congress, Marta Rivera de la Cruz.

Juanma Moreno stressed that the delivery of the Goya are an important showcase for Seville. "Aspiro is that Andalusia becomes the permanent headquarters of the Goya."

Meanwhile, the actress Itziar Castro has endorsed the slogan "Not one less", printed on the fans who have distributed women filmmakers to denounce gender violence. "That is not just a message and when it is denounced that they do not kill us," he said about the claim.

Castro was very combative claiming the role of women in the industry: "We are 25% percent of the nominees", pointed as data. "Women come strong, they are the ones who produce, to see if they let us climb in. Why is not Súper López directed by a woman?" She asked, throwing a dart against the "glass ceiling" that the women's sector supports. cinema.


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