June 15, 2021

this has been the goodbye of Francesc Arnau’s wife

On Friday at 10:35 p.m., the body of Francesc Arnau, Real Oviedo sports director, near the La Corredoría commuter stop. The first investigations suggest that the former FC Barcelona goalkeeper would have thrown himself onto the train tracks, thus leaving a broken family, as his wife explained in a message posted on his account. Instagram.

“From there you left and there I will take you. You have left my soul broken, but your heart now lives in mine … Fortunate to choose you, 22 years together that know me little, proud of you, a better person if possible, better husband and better father … My guide, my feet and my hands, the pillar of the family … My life, my everything “, has expressed a broken María José Camacho, who is going through the worst moment of her life after the sudden death of her husband. Many people have decided to support her in these difficult times with comments on this publication full of emotion and truth.

The Real Oviedo sports director was only 46 years old, and on Saturday morning, as soon as the news was known, his team published a message giving the condolences to your loved ones and mourning the loss just like them.


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