Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

This has been the expected reunion between Jesús Mariñas and Karmele Marchante

Public mirror
has started this new season with news. Among them, a turn to the pink press during the last hour of the program that this Thursday has borne fruit to one of the most anticipated reunions of the last years. Specifically it is about Karmele Marchante Y Jesus Mariñas after that mythical "Shut up, Karmele!"

This happened years ago in the gathering of Tombola, a pink channel 9 program that had Marchante and Mariñas as chatters. Now
Public mirror he has reunited them for his social chronicle
and this Thursday all the nostalgic of that space of the Valencian autonomy have been able to relive those times for a while.

From that "Shut up, Karmele!"

"We are attending something unheard of because you have thrown away the junk and not just the yew," said a reporter of the program in relation to the moment he was living. "It has been a marriage of bad cohabitation not forced”, Clarified Karmele.

However, although at first the journalist claimed that Karmele was not at all predisposed to return to settle with Mariñas on a television set, he has finally laughed at the "decades" he has known and sat on the ring of Public mirror to cause such an expected reunion.


Meanwhile, Susanna Griso has stated that “After seeing this, I have hope that there is Government" But until then both Karmele and Mariñas will have time to chat on set. And for now go if they have. Upon entering they have remembered the time they worked together and have revealed the odd mystery.

“I was paid 150,000 pesetas of those at the time for a program”For one night, I remembered, not knowing very well what kind of space it was going to be. But nevertheless, Tombola It became a boom of audiences that made them both "well-known" – that's how Susanna Griso has qualified it – and thanks to what today her workday has become a television milestone.

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