May 16, 2021

This has been the debut as a collaborator of ‘AR’ by Rocío Flores

Rocío Flores debuts in & # 039; El Programa de Ana Rosa & # 039 ;.

Rocío Flores makes her debut in ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’.

Unable to hide her anguish and visibly nervous, Rocío Flores has debuted as a collaborator of ‘The Ana Rosa program’ in one of the most complicated moments of his life after the brutal testimony of his mother, Rocio Carrasco, in his documentary series, ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’.

A highly anticipated public comeback with which ‘Ro’, taking a step forward, will comment ‘Survivors‘, a reality show with which she made her final leap to fame last year – confessing that it was a personal growth for her and that she would return without hesitation – and in which her father’s wife, Olga Moreno, a second mother to her.

Rocío has confessed to being “very nervous” and she has appreciated this opportunity, adding that her new facet as a collaborator is “a challenge that I hope to overcome”.

Well flanked by Ana Rosa Quintana, Joaquín Prat, Cristina Tárrega, Beatriz Cortazar and Paloma Barrientos, Rocío has confessed that she saw the “entire” gala and liked it very much, getting emotional when she remembered Olga’s words before jumping out of the helicopter, assuring that if she were to be born again she would marry Antonio David Flores.

Unable to hold back the tears – despite trying to keep the type – Rocío has heard how Olga spoke wonders of both her and her brother David, whom he met when he was very young and for whom he feels authentic adoration. Very sad to have been separated from her family at the most difficult moment for all of us, Ro assures that “it is normal that she remembers more than us. Forgetting everything is not going to forget. But she left quite low in spirits and I have seen her more. calm, much stronger, and for that part I am calmer. It is what I want, that it be charged with strength “.

Admitting without words but with a slight nod of the head that the void that Olga has left with her departure is enormous because it is a fundamental piece for her father, Rocío has revealed how Antonio David and his brother David have lived the beginning of ‘Survivors’: “The only thing I can tell you is that I have seen it in Madrid and they in Malaga. They are very excited to see her jump out of the helicopter and to see her well and that is what I keep“.

Biting her tongue so as not to comment on the conversation in which Olga tells her partner Lara that at home they have never spoken badly to the children of the other party – in clear allusion to Rocío Carrasco – Ro has simply commented a “that’s all said in the video “, without wanting to name his mother or talk about the latest events.

Some events about which, in a veiled way, the young woman has been asked if Olga could try to forget in order to focus on the adventure, and that Rocío confesses that this is what she has advised her second mother: “I have told him to forget about the outside and to focus on enjoying the experience because it is a unique moment. It was clear to me that I had to focus on the contest and leave my life out, and that’s the only thing I’ve said to her. ”

Supporting Olga unconditionally, Rocío believes that “she is a contestant who has a lot to give and is going to leave her skin in the tests”, reiterating that she has seen her much stronger and more animated than when they said goodbye in Madrid.


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