Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

This guy has fucked up his life

This guy has fucked up his life

The mother of the young woman from Boiro (A Coruña), who was allegedly kidnapped by José Enrique Abuín Gey, who tried to kidnap her on December 25, 201, has assured her daughter that she is "wrong" after having seen her aggressor in the trial. "This guy has fucked up his life," he has sentenced.

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The woman has made these statements on his arrival at the Court of Santiago de Compostela where the oral hearing against the Chicle continues, who in the first session refused to try to kidnap the girl and claimed that he only wanted to steal her cell phone, while she recognized him as your aggressor.

The woman has admitted that for her daughter remembering the day of the events has been complicated because "having to see that guy's face again is not pleasant for me, imagine for those who have suffered it."

He has ventured that his daughter "will never" be able to forget what happened although she trusts that "with time" she will recover.

Regarding the day of this Thursday, which will declare those responsible for carrying out the expert evidence, the woman has reiterated that she will try to look in the face of her daughter's aggressor, although, predictably, she said, she will not succeed because "she does not have the The courage to look at me is a coward. "

The mother of the victim has publicly joined the request of Diana Quer's father, Juan Carlos Quer, against the repeal of the permanent prison because, in his opinion, "they still had to put stronger measures, it is little for these people that now they are engaged in rape as a group, that they forgive me but they had to castrate them. "

"They are animals, they are not people," he said while thanking the work of Juan Carlos Quer for being "a big support, he is fighting for the same".

Juan Carlos Quer returned to the judicial offices on Thursday and recalled how difficult it was yesterday, to remember what happened, although he has introduced the nuance that "we live with it every day".

The Chewing Gum is accused of a crime of illegal detention or, alternatively, an accomplished one of coercion, as well as of an attempted sexual assault, robbery with attempted violence and intimidation, a crime of threats and another of injuries.

The Office of the Prosecutor requests a sentence of 15 years and 10 months in prison and the payment of an indemnity of 15,750 euros, or alternatively, twelve years and ten months.


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