“This Government fulfills its commitments”

“This is a government that fulfills its commitments.” Pedro Sánchez has spoken this way for the first time in public before the crisis unleashed within the coalition for the negotiation of the labor reform. In the presence of the protagonists of the confrontation, the vice presidents Nadia Calviño and Yolanda Díaz, the president has avoided commenting on the fine print beyond ensuring that the Executive will carry out the changes to undertake a reform of the labor relations framework that he has described as “important”. After the spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, would open the door to modify the agreement if the social dialogue so decides, the socialist leader has insisted that the objective is to regain the “greater consensus” in negotiations with unions and employers.

Isabel Rodríguez: "The Government is not a choir where soloists can exist"

Isabel Rodríguez: “The Government is not a choir where soloists can exist”

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“The will of the Government of Spain is unequivocal. This is a Government that complies with its commitments,” said Sánchez, who has referred to his inauguration speech, to the programmatic agreement sealed with United We Can – which speaks of “repeal” of the labor reform of the PP- and the document agreed with the European Commission for European funds. However, when asked about the content aspects that the Vice President and Minister of Labor has ensured that her counterpart in Economy has put into question, the President has avoided going into detail. “It is clear that these issues are part of the roadmap and will be launched when that labor reform has to be addressed,” he answered about the proposal that the Government will make regarding ultra-activity and the specification of whether it will recover. the primacy of sectoral agreements over company agreements.

“Call to rebuild consensus among social agents”

The president has insisted, along the same lines that Moncloa has defended in recent days, that the Government wants “coordination” to address the reform. “Maximum dialogue and greater consensus for a reform that is going to be important,” he said. “It is important that we recover the consensuses that were fractured, that were broken in 2012 with a counter-reform of an absolute majority of the PP. There are questions that were left unresolved, that were broken and that this Government is called to rebuild, to rebuild, and it is the consensus between the different social agents “, he has expressed.

Less than 24 hours after the deadline for the presentation of the amendments to the totality to the General State Budgets ends and ERC has said that it has written it in case it has to register it, Sánchez has confessed “calm” at the end the press conference in which he appeared alongside the Portuguese Prime Minister, Antònio Costa, within the framework of the Spanish-Portuguese summit that was held this Thursday in the Extremaduran municipality of Trujillo.

“It is clear that what citizens are demanding is stability and social progress. These are the Budgets for fair recovery, they raise social investment to historical levels,” explained the president, who has assured that they are also necessary for the “great transformation “of the Spanish economy:” What I would ask of all the parliamentary groups is that we put the interests of our country first. ”

The appointment of the 32nd Spanish-Portuguese summit had on this occasion a special interest for the media of both countries: it occurred after the defeat of the Portuguese in Parliament, which knocked down the budgets, and after the crisis experienced in the Spanish coalition to cost of labor reform. Costa has avoided commenting on his situation under the premise that he does not speak of internal politics outside of Portugal.

Both leaders have taken the opportunity to flatter each other. “I believe that Portugal is an example of stability and I have seen it not only in bilateral relations but I have also seen Antònio work in the European Council. There are few presidents of government with the capacities and skills of dialogue, work and the ability to reach agreements. That is the experience I have with him, “replied Sánchez, provoking the applause of the Portuguese delegation.

The main interest in the case of the Spanish journalists was in the reunion of the vice presidents Calviño and Díaz, but throughout the morning they did not have access to the space in which the meetings took place. They have arrived together in the press conference room, although they barely spoke to each other despite being seated next to each other. The third vice president, Teresa Ribera, has tried to reduce the tension, despite the bad relationship of her two colleagues who have barely seen each other during the day, according to sources present at the meeting of the delegations. “The relationship between my colleagues is a relationship that was working properly. There may have been some misunderstanding, but it is resolved,” said Ribera.


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